Tata Memorial Centre

Tata Memorial hospital is the first cancer hospital in Asia, which started as a torchbearer, still maintains pre-eminence in present times, as the largest Cancer institute in Asia.

Research and Education are inarguably the quintessential arms of a comprehensive cancer care center. Tata Memorial Centre, since its origin has embraced the holistic model of delivering cancer care by augmenting and developing its research and education facilities as it sought to provide treatment which was affordable, innovative and relevant to the needs of the country.

The noble mission of the Institute has been to provide comprehensive cancer treatment to one and all. A practice, followed resolutely that every patient who walks in, is offered the best possible care and treated irrespective of his/her ability to pay.

Multidisciplinary approach of this specialty center, towards cancer ably incorporates all the salient features of a perfect model of care for a cancer patient.

Society of Interventional Onco-radiology (SIO, INDIA)

SIO, India is a platform to propagate the art and science of Image guided Interventional Radiological procedures used for the diagnostic and therapeutic purpose in the field of oncology.

Through this platform, the society would like to create awareness among the patients and clinicians about the scope of Interventional Oncology (IO) procedures.

The main focus of the society is to train the radiology residents & fellows in various Interventional Radiological procedures in oncology.

The society would also like to build bridges with the clinical societies, in order to identify the clinically relevant areas where IO techniques can be useful. SIO, India would like to collaborate with the Interventional Oncology working groups across the world to facilitate the training of the young Interventional Radiologists from India.

One important area, where the Indian Society of Interventional Onco-Radiology will have an important role to play, is to conduct and co-ordinate scientific research trials in order to create evidence for the procedures in Interventional Oncology.

Synergy Miami

Founded in 2011, Synergy pioneered the concept of a true multidisciplinary format in cancer care. This collaboration will bring together a national and international multidisciplinary panel of eminent Interventional Oncologists along with medical, surgical and radiation Oncologists.

The annual SYNERGY conference offers attendees a comprehensive review of a variety of oncological diseases, combined with the latest developments in medical, interventional and surgical therapeutic options across multiple disciplines. A practical overview of how to incorporate emerging therapies into practice will be presented through a multidisciplinary lense, intended to achieve the highest levels of success in the fight against cancer. Leading experts from national and international programs will present the latest data and treatment innovations for oncological challenges in multiple organ systems with an emphasis on implementation from diagnosis to treatment.

SYNERGY is both didactic and interactive with panel discussions, instructive case presentations and hands-on workshops focused on hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer, metastatic colorectal cancer, cholangiocarcinoma and liver metastases, renal and prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, neuroendocrine and musculoskeletal tumors.

In 2017 SYNERGY will expand the breadth of its scientific program to cover a wide range of essential IR topics, presented as SYNERGY IR.